Ubuntu 10.10: today’s the day!

By in general, management, products, strategy on Sunday, 10 October 2010

You’ve updated everything, read your Dummy’s Guide, Googled everywhere for answers. But it still your Windows software doesn’t work properly.

Maybe you’re sick of laying out money for software that promises but never really delivers. Maybe there’s a better way.

You might even be wishing you’d spent a bit more in the first place and just bought a Mac. Well, you can get that good feeling about your PC again without spending anything.

Download Ubuntu. Its a cool version of Linux – that’s right, the stuff that drives the Internet.

Ubuntu will have you doing great things with your PC again. Not only will you work better, but you’ll want to do more.

There’s a whole world of great software out there. Ubuntu. Go and get it.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.10: today’s the day!

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    I have to say I am impressed with how quick it boots compared to Windows. 80% of life is spent in the browser (in my case Firefox), I guess the other 20% remains the challenge and is the major reason for lock-in. I am sure people will start making the leap during the next year or two. That said 80% of the business does not need the full windows Monte.

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    Hi, Stephen – yes, the boot-up is fast- that’s something they wanted to build on. The kernel size is so small, it can run on solid state disks which are now very affordable.

    A fast boot capability and a solid disk means you get lightning start up. Great for embedded devices or netbooks used for brief periods when travelling.

    I’m like you and spend most of my day using the browser – so its nice to know its far more resistant to Internet nasties than Windows!

    I rarely boot into Windows now – unless a client is asking me to help them with something. Apart from the dreaded iTunes, that is!