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By in featured, mobile on Friday, 26 September 2014

Tablet growth is showing no sign of slowing, with reports predicting that sales of the devices are set to grow another 25% in 2015 – that’s an estimated 321m units expected to fly off the shelves in a year. For the greatest challenge is keeping your digital world powered up. Very often battery life is a major factor in device choice. So this is a greta time to launch something to help. So take a look at this.

Here’s MOAB – Mother Of All Batteries, ready to keep your juices flowing.

The MOAB is a dynamic new portable charging device that can charge up to four USB mobile devices at once – making it a must-have for all tablet users that rely on their device to navigate everyday life. Plug-and-play functionality and a lightweight construction weighing in at just 1.65lbs mean that the MOAB has become the key accessory for all tablet users hoping to get a little more power from their device.

Michael Collier, VP of Sales and Marketing at MOAB Power, the team behind the portable battery, says, “Tablets are a great midpoint between laptops and smartphones – they’re ideal for watching movies, video chatting with friends, working on-the-go or playing high-definition games. But with such high-powered, multifunctional devices, battery life can be negligible, cutting many users short just as they’re about to send an important email or beat their own high score on a game.”

He adds, “The MOAB is a must-have gadget for all tablet users, giving them a necessary boost of power wherever they are. With a huge 100kWh of battery capacity and the ability to charge up to four devices at any one time, the MOAB is the perfect charging accessory to power the tablet revolution!”

The MOAB is packed with impressive features to further convince tablet users. A 5-LED charge indicator keeps users on top of the charging status, and a power-saving switch ensures that not a single drop of energy is wasted when the charging process is complete. The battery pack is USB-compatible, meaning it can be used with a multitude of today’s most popular tablet devices, from the Kindle Fire to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

At an introductory price of just $199, the MOAB is an essential resource for millions of tablet users, whether they use their device for leisure or business. Whether commuting to work, catching up with friends or sitting in a meeting, the charger can be used to give devices a much-needed power boost without access to a power socket.

The launch of the MOAB is giving tablets a new lease of life – for more information, or to pre-order your device today, visit the website:

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