Every new parent’s nightmare

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smartnanny - the smart baby basket!

Its every new parent’s nightmare. A baby who won’t stop crying.

There must be a reason, but its lost on new parents. If only someone could tell them what was causing their little loved one distress.

This was something one particular father faced when his newborn baby couldn’t be consoled. He decided to do something about it. He came up with Smartnanny, an adaptive baby basket that soothes babies and learns to respond to their crying…

There’s an app for that…

The device’s German inventor, Val explains, “I didn’t find any device that could solve my son’s sleeplessness, so I decided to build an intelligent baby basket. I started with a simple baby basket and then started building the first Smartnanny,”

This new device fills a gap in the infant market because of its ability to identify the baby’s needs using an acoustic sensor embedded in the baby basket itself.

Smartnanny uses currently available technology to determine the reason for an infant’s cry, with an astonishing accuracy of up to 90%. The cradle’s earns its smart tag by its ability to differentiate between the various infant cries.

Using a companion smartphone app, Smartnanny analyzes why the baby is crying.

Once the baby wakes, the application prompts the smartphone to play soothing music and Smartnanny will start a gentle rocking cycle. This method is initially used to try to soothe the baby. The adaptive design cycles through choices, moving to another selection until it finds one that works.

It also sends a signal to the parents’ smartphone or smartwatch to let them know the baby is awake and needing attention. The app helps parents determine whether a baby simply needs comforting or if the baby is crying for something that requires human interaction.

Helping you get a good night’s sleep, too

The device avoids disturbing the parents if the baby simply needs soothing to get back to sleep. The Smartnanny motion is designed to simulate the same motion of a parent rocking a baby. A caregiver begins by putting the baby in the basket and then chooses a timer setting. The timer setting controls the length of time the basket motion feature will last. After that set period, the basket will stop; however, if the baby wakes and starts to cry again, the rocking motion automatically resumes. The basket may also be manually rocked, should the carer prefer to do that.

Smartnanny is different from other electronic baby baskets by using an embedded acoustic sensor to trigger cradle rocking should the baby cry while in it.

The smartnanny app lets you know if your baby is hungry, sleepy, stressed, bored, or uncomfortable. The Babyphone feature can be programmed to message your phone or even call a number.

This new technology is being funded solely through an Indiegogo (Kickstarter) campaign. To find out more about the Smartnanny adaptive baby basket, or its upcoming Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign, please visit their website at:


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