a new age for LANZen…
welcome to zen strategy

zen strategy - the new direction for LANZen!
You know, looking back I guess we’ve all come a long way over the last decade. Few could have imagined the rise of the Internet-driven business.

The dot-com bubble didn’t slow the launch of new devices and faster connectivity. Most of my work was in infrastructure design – data centres and desktops. Corporates saw the Internet as something to be tightly controlled and restricted – filtered out of existence. Barclays had 256Mb in 2003. In total.

Imagine telling your boss you should be listening to Twitter and Facebook traffic. They’d have thought you were mad – or you’d have been fired.

For sure, I did get in early, designing online banking and browser-based systems. But the name I chose – LANZen – reflected corporate client priorities at the time. The LAN stood for local area networks and doesn’t reflect the place we’re in today. This Internet world isn’t local any more. Its in The Cloud.

So its goodbye to LAN – and thanks for all the fish as they say. And hello to zen. Come on this adventure with me. It’s going to be exciting.

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